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NeneMaria - crafting, recipes, food, M.E/CFS, DIY, gardening, home, lifestyle.

Friday, 5 December 2014

That Christmas feeling.

Due to having to open the pub over Christmas, the family have decided to have Christmas at our house this year. It will be the first year I've hosted Christmas and (quite embarrassingly, at the age of 30) it will be the first time I've actually decorated my home. Not only that, but I've got a whole pub to decorate on a very limited budget.

So I've decided that the cheapest and most fun way will be to make all the decorations! Now I'm cheating slightly, I've been to the pound shops and bought a whole load of decorations that I'm going to turn from cheap tat to (hopefully) something amazing.

Curious kitty in the pound shop bags!

On Wednesday, I went to help out at my little brothers Christmas craft day but unfortunately he was sent home from school poorly. So instead, I took the dog out for a wander round the village to collect twigs, pine cones and anything else I could find that could be turned into fancy Christmas decor. The sun was setting, everything began to ice over and for the first time this winter I could see my breath as I walked along. It all of a sudden started to feel quite magical and wintery!

Daft pup on our little adventure

Church yard sunset

My mother decided to get the decorations out while I was there to cheer up my poorly brother and I was probably more excited than he was. There's nothing better to get you in the Christmas mood than rooting through all the Christmas boxes, decorating the family tree and finding all the decorations your parents kept that you made at school.

Tree up

Wreath I made about 25 years ago

So, I plan to start my Christmas Crafting projects on Sunday, I've been searching Christmas blogs all week for inspiration and found some amazing ideas. Hopefully I can get all the pub decorations finished within the next week, then I can make a start on the house.

...I best go and buy a couple of trees!

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